Research and Industrial Services


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Growing industrial services and applied research potential

Over the past decade, the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) has stepped up its efforts to support and promote innovation and technology integration initiatives in New Brunswick's industrial and manufacturing sectors. These activities enable the institution to play a more direct role in the province's economic development.

The CCNB's research and industrial services capacity has progressed steadily over the years. Since 2005, the institution has developed an innovation-driven ecosystem by recruiting a research director with a Ph.D. from McGill University. In 2008, the CCNB joined Springboard Atlantic Inc.,a network of universities and colleges that supports the commercialization of research in Atlantic Canada. It also recruited an engineering-trained liaison officer to forge growing and sustainable ties with the industry. In 2009, the CCNB reached a milestone in its commitment to innovation: it became eligible for grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and shortly thereafter obtained a substantial grant ($2.3M) for the pre-commercial development of biotechnologies in Atlantic Canada.

Today more than ever before, the CCNB is committed to fostering innovation-focused entrepreneurship in and outside New Brunswick. The wide reach of its research and industrial services activities in various spheres and regions speaks to its commitment and willingness to work in partnership with industry. The 2013 first edition of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges List, published by Re$earch Infosource Inc., reveals that the CCNB is among the first 50 Canadian colleges in terms of research revenue in 2011 and 2012.  

The CCNB also recognizes that applied research in a college environment is a vital component of its mission because of the major impact it has on the quality of education. The institution's objective is to allow its student community and the teaching staff whenever possible the opportunity to take part in industrial services and research activities. This approach significantly enhances the training our students receive, as it gives them a genuine educational experience and allows them to acquire the advanced skills that are highly sought by employers. Furthermore, innovation activities performed by our teaching staff, in collaboration with businesses, help them stay up to date in their field of expertise and understand the training needs considered relevant and necessary by the industry.

A growth accelerator for innovative businesses

Rapid technological changes and the emerging needs of industry require the CCNB to renew and update its existing study programs and develop new ones in order to meet the requirements of the knowledge-based economy.  

In addition to the training it provides and its current research areas and industrial services, the CCNB is making efforts to align its applied research and innovation mandate with the strategic priorities emerging in New Brunswick's economy. The integration of composite material applications, green technologies, the environment and food safety are areas the CCNB plans to closely monitor to be able to respond to industry's emerging innovation needs.

The CCNB is also coordinating a province-wide project on value-added wood products. The New Brunswick Wood Products Industry Innovation and Commercialization program is an initiative of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the New Brunswick Department of Economic Development and the CCNB. Through this program, FPInnovations offers the service of two industrial advisors specialized in productivity or marketing.

Moreover, the CCNB also fulfills mandates from federal and provincial agencies to organize technology-based trade missions in Canada and abroad. On a wider scale, the CCNB assists companies participating in these missions with their innovation approach by introducing and adapting new technologies. The support services provided by the CCNB allow innovative businesses to quickly and efficiently upgrade their skills, their methodologies and their technologies to ensure their growth.